Salames / by Nisha Kashyap

The Salame family hold a special place in my heart. Mrs. Salame has supported my career (both dance and photography) since day one and has raised five beautiful and incredibly unique children. Aliyah, the eldest, is currently attending Duke University. She is intelligent and mature beyond her years. Ameen is like the not-so-little-anymore man of the house. He treats his sisters with respect and acts as a strong role model for his little brother. Meryem is sweet and talented, with the most adorable giggle. Hannah, though quiet, is the sassiest of them all. Her fashion sense and witty sense of humor are not to be messed with. And then there's Adam. Adam is the spunkiest, wildest, most fun little boy I have ever met. No amount of coffee will prepare you for this kid's energy. I can always count on the Salames for a fun session!!